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Insurance Hassles Gone for Good

Is it an overstatement to say that dealing with insurance companies’ red tape is the bane of your existence? Maybe. But we bet it’s not that far from the truth.

You started your physical therapy practice to help people regain their pain-free, active lives. But your practice is also a business – it needs revenue. The unfortunate fact is that your revenue stream is almost entirely dependent on insurance companies’ claim reimbursements.

Insurance Insanity

The process of getting paid for treatment you provide is hindered in many ways. Some insurance companies do not make it easy to get PT claims approved and reimbursed. Their business objective seems geared to minimize payouts. Countless rules, regulations and restrictions are imposed on PT reimbursement claims, and modified frequently, based on seemingly random conditions. There are mountains of paperwork and detailed, complicated forms to be submitted. You basically have to be an insurance industry insider to maneuver your way around these ever-changing caveats, conditions and stipulations.

JET PT Billing – Your Industry Insider

This is where Jet PT Billing comes in – your very own insurance industry insider working on your side. We are a team of PT insurance billing specialists. We know all the possible ins and outs of the PT insurance claims process. We know how to deal with every obstacle and barrier thrown at you by insurance companies. We do this day in and day out for many clients.

Sure, maybe you have a billing clerk and software in place for collections. But that maze of constantly changing rules at every insurance company you deal with can be overwhelming for admin staff, while a computer system is only as good as the information that’s put into it. The truth is even the smallest of errors, like misspelling a patient’s name, can result in a denied claim, or at the very least in delayed reimbursement – and that only after countless hours spent on talking to the insurance rep. Meanwhile the revenue stream supporting your practice is adversely affected, and you and your staff are wasting valuable time.

Solve the entire problem by hiring Jet PT Billing. All that hassle will be off your shoulders.

Experience and Knowledge Reaps Results

Jet PT Billing is owned and operated by Kevin Cappel, a PT who spent years in the trenches dealing with insurance claims. Everyone at Jet PT Billing is trained by him. We know how insurance companies look at things, what proof of necessity of treatment and treatment progress will pass muster, what they consider as billable and not billable time. In short, we know all the critical criteria for efficiently obtaining a claim reimbursement.

Staying on top of changes at all the various insurance companies is a job in itself. At Jet PT Billing, this is our living. Our mission is to ensure that your claims are filed with all the ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed, and virtually zero chance of being returned denied.

What drives us to be so hard-working and meticulous on your behalf? It’s simple. You are our client. Our success depends entirely on succeeding for you.


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    • "They provide us with timely billing services at very competitive rates. Their team is very knowledgeable and communicate well with us..." Read more »

      Nathan Stack

      Optimal Physical Therapy

    • "This rapidness has completely turned my company around and I highly recommend this team to all physical therapist." Read more »

      Matt Jackson

      Lonoke Physical Therapy, Inc

    • "Jet PT Billing is the best billing company that I have used. They have a comprehensive statistical approach to billing..." Read more »

      Scott Cole

      Franklin Rehabilitation


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