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Less Stress, More Satisfaction

Your calling as a physical therapist should be all about treating patients. The last thing you need is stress from insurance billing and collections getting in the way of how amazing you are. You’re already dealing magnificently with people who have been through physical and emotional trauma. You’re working your hardest to motivate them to do the work required for them to recover fully. You spend long hours diagnosing and devising treatment protocols.

You are incredible in your service to others.

But the stress of your practice’s revenue being impaired is the worst. Worrying if the business is receiving enough funds to stay open is not what you signed up for when you undertook your training and studies.

You can remove that stress of submitting insurance claims, finding and correcting errors, and chasing up denials.

Just one phone call can maintain – and even enhance – the all-important income that keeps the business side of your practice healthy.

That’s a huge stress relief.

Trust the Most Difficult and Complicated Task to Industry Experts

Rely on our PT billing and collection experts whose sole purpose is to help you. It’s a win-win situation: you get more claims approved and get paid faster while we derive satisfaction from helping you. Allow us to stay on top of the frequent changes to rules and regulations for claim filings at each insurance company you deal with. That’s what we do.

PTs and their admin staff have been known to tear their hair out sometimes when negotiating the complex and frustrating insurance maze. There’s enough to do with treating patients, arranging appointments, paying bills, and everything else associated with running a practice.

Deficiency in this specialized knowledge and lack of seasoned expertise in insurance billings and collections inevitably result in denied or delayed reimbursements – and massive stress.

Not when you use Jet PT Billing.

Call us now. We’ll make it easy.

No Software Stress

At Jet PT Billing, we don’t just throw some software at you and expect you to learn it. You get real people to help you and to talk to. Our people are the best in the business at understanding the insurance claim business. Our team will take the burden off you with a smile and supreme professionalism.

Walk Taller, Feel Easier

It’s not just a cliché to say that we’ll take the load off your shoulders. You know only too well how stress affects posture, joints and soft tissues. Don’t let billing and collection wreck your body.

Trust your billing and collections to Jet PT Billings and you and your staff need not be concerned with the infuriating and frequently changing minutiae of CPT codes, insurance forms, EOB documents, and denials.

No Running Around

We will track and chase your active accounts, thus allowing you to focus your energy on patient care.

With Jet PT Billing, you get the peace of mind that the billings and collections side of your practice is operating smoothly and reliably. We are dedicated to ensuring that all work is prepared error-free and strictly by the book. We won’t leave anything that an insurance company might potentially object to and reject.

You will see your payments coming in – regularly, reliably, and to the maximum claim levels.

We’re ready to take the stress off your shoulders and help your physical therapy practice focus on its true mission.

Jet PT Billings – The Stress Relief You’ve Been Waiting For.


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      Nathan Stack

      Optimal Physical Therapy

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      Scott Cole

      Franklin Rehabilitation

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      Matt Jackson

      Lonoke Physical Therapy, Inc


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