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Our mission is to handle all insurance billing and collections for your physical therapy practice in a hassle-free manner, leaving you free to follow your mission of caring for your patients.

Our Founder

To some, physical therapy billing and collections is a less than exciting topic, but for Kevin Cappel, PT, it’s a means to provide outstanding client service. Before founding Jet PT, Kevin spent 10 years of his professional life in the trenches of the corporate world managing an outpatient facility. Upon leaving the corporate controlled world of healthcare, he ventured out, looking for something new and exciting in private practice. The world of private practice, on the business as well as personal side, was a night and day contrast. It is here where Kevin became intimate with physical therapy billing and collections. He familiarized himself with every nook and cranny of the process so that he could streamline what had previously been an arduous task. During his time in private practice, Kevin was able to increase per visit collection from $82.00 to $104.00 while third party rates remained the same. After six years, he sold his interest to his partner and began a new journey as a consultant to owners of physical therapy private practices.

Objective: You

The goal of Jet PT is to help you forget, for at least a little while, the hassles and enjoy caring for patients again. There is often a disconnect between physical therapy billing/collections and the actual practice being served. If you use third-party software or another billing/collections company, you may have found that the procedures, people, and process to be daunting, sometimes even cold and rushed. Jet PT’s founder, Kevin Cappel, PT, prides himself on providing clients with a real face and name to go with the company they’ve selected to handle the financial lifeblood of their businesses. Kevin spent several years giving one-on-one advice to private practice physical therapists as well as delivering seminars on physical therapy billing and collections. His goal is to inform and serve people just like you: independent providers with a dream of personal freedom from the sterile corporate world. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done as the systems are geared toward corporations with their armies of lawyers, tax experts, and software costing in the tens of thousands. Then there are the headaches novices in PT practice can experience with insurance companies. Kevin’s nearly twenty years in the business has taught him all the ins and outs – and the pitfalls – of physical therapy billing and collections.

Patients Over Paperwork

At Jet PT, we recognize that ours is a niche service in a highly specialized field. Our job is to provide you and your practice with the highest level of expertise and dedication. That way your job can be to ensure your patients receive the best care possible without wasting hours on tiresome billing administration and training staff to do that job. With us in your corner, you can stop worrying about the complicated process of submitting to insurers or workman’s comp, charging on CPT codes, transferring codes to billing, fee schedules, EOB sheets, patient payments, and dozens of other little steps in between. Let us take away that headache. As Kevin says:

“It has been interesting to have been in my own trenches slugging it out to get paid and also in other owners’ trenches to help them better understand what is needed.  What I have learned over and over again is that it is always easier to fix someone else’s problems than it is to fix your own. And so I am taking the experiences of being the owner, the biller/collector and also the consultant and combining them into one service to help increase your reimbursement.”


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      Nathan Stack

      Optimal Physical Therapy

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      Matt Jackson

      Lonoke Physical Therapy, Inc

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      Scott Cole

      Franklin Rehabilitation


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