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How Do I Get My PT Billing Questions Answered?

In this article I want to share with you my answer to the question, “How do I get my billing questions answered?”

This question is really a simple one for me to answer as the founder of Jet PT Billing. We strive to communicate and take care of our clients. However, this question reminds me that outsourcing a billing department is a huge decision.

Most practice owners have put in endless hours to build their practices and they’re rightly reluctant to give up control of this critical area.

They worry that when questions arise, they won’t be able to answer them and take care of their patients the way that they’re accustomed to.

Communication Is the Foundation of a Great Relationship

The answer to the question is really about communication.

The better the communication, the better the relationship between the billing company and the practice. This ultimately leads to a better relationship between the patient and the therapist as well.

Something we do is install our software on as many computers as the practice wants. We want our clients to have access to their records. We offer live online training for our practices so that they are 100% comfortable with our system.

This helps practices keep some control over their patient’s billing. They can look up balances and claims status and communicate that information right there and then with the patient.

We also have a specific person assigned to each client. That way if one of our practices needs additional assistance, we have someone familiar with their account available.

We even have some practices that put our number on all their invoices and correspondence. This allows the patient to contact us directly. We have a live person that answers the phone that is familiar with that practice and with those individual patient records.

Our goal is to make any interaction between patients and their billing questions as seamless as possible.

This is a level of service and communication that you should look for when choosing a third-party billing company. If you have questions or need more information be sure to reach out to us.

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