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How Does PT Patient Billing Information Get Transferred Back and Forth? [and Stay Compliant]

In this article I want to let you know our answer to the common concern that always comes up whenever a PT practice is looking at outsourcing their billing department.

Most physical therapy practices are reluctant to give up control of their billing because they worry about violating patient privacy regulations. This is a very legitimate concern and one that should not be taken lightly.

You Need a Way to Communicate That Complies with Patient Privacy Regulations

When working with a third-party billing agency, you need to ensure that they are compliant with patient privacy and information rules, it is not good enough to simply email information back and forth between your practice and the billing company.

At Jet PT, we use a specialized service that provides a secure two-way information exchange specifically for the health care industry. We subscribe to this service and all our clients receive free access to it.

This system creates a secure portal between us and our clients’ practices. We can securely exchange data using this system. Using full encryption, our clients can upload documents such as scans, PDF’s, as well as communicate via the portal.

This secure portal then becomes our primary means of communication with our clients. This means that there are less telephone interruptions for your staff. Of course, we are always happy to pick up the phone if that is easier for your practice.

Our system also allows us to assign documents and processes to a specific individual, that way there is a level of accountability and we can track these tasks.

There’s No Paperwork That Needs to be Sent to Us

Once your practice receives a paper OBI, for example, it’ s simply a matter of scanning that document into your computer and uploading it to the portal.

That’s it. Safe and secure, with nothing to overnight or mail to our office.

Most of our clients love this because it does not rely on email and keeps their inboxes from getting jammed up with communication back and forth.

This keeps you from having to deal with all the regulations concerning patient records and privacy. Many of our clients have been really successful with this system.

It helps them keep their inboxes empty and their team focused on their patients. At Jet PT, we help provide innovative billing solutions that can make a big difference to your bottom line. Be sure to reach out if you have any question on how we can help your practice achieve its goals.

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