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If I Outsource my PT Billings, Who Actually Gets the Money?

Here’s a question I know many of you are wondering. If I outsource, who actually gets the money? Deciding to outsource can be a big decision and typically those questions surrounding the money are the stickiest. Even though we love money here at jet PT, we are much more comfortable when that money lands in your bank account not ours.

It’s Your Money, We Don’t Touch It

We take your money and cash flow very seriously. We don’t physically touch and of the money that is due to you. Insurance payers are always going to send the money directly to you. It can take the form of an EFT right into your bank account or it can take the form of a physical check delivered by the postal service. It might be the EOB if it’s an ER. The point is the money goes directly to you.

We Still Help You Decipher Those EFT Deposits

We do receive digital information about the payments through our system and the Clearinghouse. This allows us to post that payment to the proper patient’s account. If it comes to you via the U.S. Post Office, then we are going to need that OB and a copy of the check scanned to us so we can accurately post it to the correct account.

We Advocate for You, So You Get Paid

As far as the money goes, it’s all going directly to you. We touch none of it. The only exception would be if a patient’s account actually goes to collections and we turn them over to a collection agency. In that case, one they collect any funds, they often cut a check to us. We take that money and reimburse you for any money they collect on your behalf.

So, you get all the money. Quickly and directly. We want the cash flow to be as quick as possible. We eliminate any turnaround issues with funds depositing to us and then us sending them on to your account. Hopefully, this answers your concerns regarding the money. To learn more how we handle not just your money but provide a practical 100% outsourced billing department for your practice without all the headaches and staffing issues, feel free to reach out to us.


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