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Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Chances are you have or know of a family member or a few friends who are going through any of these conditions and suffering discomfort. In most cases, you or the people you know who are experiencing these symptoms and mobility issues have consulted a physician to get a medical assessment and to discuss alternatives and treatment options.

  • Arthritis
  • Bowel or bladder incontinence
  • Cancer recovery
  • Cardiac rehab
  • carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis
  • Chronic fatigue and general feeling of weakness
  • Common sprains and muscle strains
  • Fitness, weight management and wellness education
  • Fractures and other orthopedic conditions
  • Injuries from work-related accidents
  • Knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Neck pain and lower back pain
  • post-stroke and or head surgery
  • Posture problems
  • Pre- and postpartum programs
  • Pre- and post-surgical conditioning and strengthening
  • Problems with balance or mobility
  • Respiratory problems / poor cardiovascular endurance
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Sensitive wound care

athletes-Physical-RehabilitationAthletes/Active. You don’t have to be an injured athlete to require a physical therapy. Just like an athletic trainer and coach, the physical therapists practice sports medicine, too. Athletes and highly active individuals follow exercise routines to minimize risks of injury and spring back to health faster when injured.

Candidates for surgery or post-surgery patients. Physical therapy is a good starting point for a physical testing. It is a non-invasive approach. It helps prevent or avoid the need for invasive options like medication intake or possibly even surgery. If you are considering going in for surgery or have just undergone one, ask your doctor about post-operation PT treatment.

Children with motor and other developmental delays. PTs who practice pediatric physical therapy helps children with congenital conditions or injuries.

chronic-painChronic Pain and illnesses. Physical therapy for people suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, lower back pain, etc. can help patients control the risks and regain and maintain a better quality of life using strength training techniques and flexibility routines.

Dizziness, Imbalance, and Vertigo. If you’re suffering from these common balance issues, consult your PTs regarding a VRT treatment program.

Middle-aged and elderly. It’s no joke. Most people who reach the age of 40 or have changed lifestyles due to retirement suddenly experience painful joints, muscles, gain body fat, difficulty standing or walking for long periods, and other innumerable signs of aging! Working with a physical therapist helps manage the many symptoms of your body’s changes as you age by keeping your muscles and joints conditioned through exercises.

Stroke survivors: Know of anyone who suffered a stroke? Almost immediately after, stroke survivors are prescribed and referred to PTs for stroke physical therapy. Each therapeutic program may include several if not all rehabilitation of nerves and muscles to improve flexibility and regain normal movement.

For most people, ignoring the symptoms or self-medicating using pain relief medicine is the immediate solution. Doing so will not treat the underlying causes of your pain no matter what the degree of your pain tolerance is. In order to avoid elevated stress related to unmanaged physical pain and discomfort, it is always best to seek medical advice and get treated right away–so you can do the things you love to do and enjoy longer, improved quality of life.


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